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Girl nursery furniture : Tables furnitures

Girl Nursery Furniture

girl nursery furniture

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girl nursery furniture - Calico Critters

Calico Critters Baby's Nursery Set

Calico Critters Baby's Nursery Set

Calico Critters Baby's Nursery Set

Cloverleaf Corners is a magical place of imagination, where animal families all live together, as well as play, laugh, learn and love. There are charming homes, playgrounds, toy shops, schools and more! Each parent is about 3" tall, child 2.25 " tall, and baby 1.25" tall. The clothing is removable and everthing is interchangeable. This is the Baby's Pink Nursery Set.
Includes dresser with 4 drawers and hanging rod, crib with 2 drawers and removable rail, slide, baby seat, and baby mat with toys.
Also includes over 15 accessories like outfits, toys, cushions, blankets, and more!
Will fit any Calico Critter baby or twin
Collect them all!
Hours of creative, imaginative play time!

Product Measures: 10.4 X 6.7 X 2.4
Recommended Ages: 3 years - 6 years

84% (8)

9 24 (267/365)

9 24 (267/365)

DC and I spent much of the weekend working on Bisquito's room. He ripped out the carpet, took out the tackboards, and did some touch-up work on some bad spots on the floor (which were few--why people cover up lovely hardwood with carpet is a mystery to me).

I took down the hideous wallpaper border. We still haven't decided 100% on paint colors and furniture and stuff, but that will come eventually.

I really should have taken a few "before" shots, both when it was full of my sewing crap and when it had the ugly carpet. I guess this will have to serve as a "before" in the blank slate phase.

A note on the pose: pregnancy brain + spending a lot of time around the allergens released by ripping up carpet + the smell of vinegar (a less harsh alternative to commercial wallpaper glue solvent) can make a girl feel a little confused.

progess. ish.

progess.  ish.

Oy. After a weekend of moving REALLY HEAVY nursery furniture (seriously, remind me to tip furniture delivery guys better. And also, remind me to hire the strong guys who brought the furniture upstairs to bring it downstairs.) and painting, painting, painting the room is... only about 40% done. The curtains and sheets and wallpaper border haven't even arrived yet. The new furniture is from Ikea, which means it should come upstairs easier then the old furniture, but also promises much Allen wrench-inspired cursing. All of the contents of Josie's room are in the spare bedroom, effectively eliminating two rooms from being at all functional. The whole "change a room completely in 48 hours" is much easier on Trading Spaces then in real life.

girl nursery furniture

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